Pawol pou makrel

Valérie Rodney, AKA La Fleur Curieuse, who is the mastermind behind the blog of the same name, has just published a wonderful folk short story collection. Good job as a first book ! Indeed, La Fleur Curieuse’s greatest wish is to highlight the African roots of the Caribbean, that’s to say fantastic creatures, supernatural events, and esoteric practices, that form an integral part of the islands cultural patrimony. It seems like it’s a successful bet ! Because in Pawol Pou Makrel, obeah men and flying women make a big comeback in our disenchanted lives.

When night is falling, you better wear your clothes on inside out and arm yourself with a moudong wooden stick.

La Fleur Curieuse

The more pages we turn, the deeper we immerse ourselves into the typical folkloric atmosphere of the Caribbean region, which can satisfy our inner nostalgia. The names of the characters, their homeland sayings, fantastic creatures, magic potions… etc, all of these spicy elements make a striking cocktail that will amaze us, make us laught and make that kind of dull anxiety wash over us like we don’t want to turn the light down to sleep at night. Thanks to tales like those of Pawol Pou Makrel, we realize how much Caribbean folklore can be fascinating and how much we must preserve it. La Fleur Curieuse has also written tales that are not part of this collection, and that you can even find in podcasts as well. Go catch them on her blog ! Furthermore, the author, a young 30-year-old Martinican woman, aspire to realize short films on her favourite subject. To be continued…

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